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The Indian Cultural Association of Howard County Inc is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. ICA was formed to promote social & cultural ties between the Indian-American & the community at large, advance greater cultural understanding & social equity, decrease food insecurity, and reduce food waste.


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​SEVA is a big part of the Indian culture. 'SEVA' in Hindi means selfless service to others without expecting anything in return. SEVA is the guiding principle of ICA. We are grateful to be able to serve and we serve with humility. A video by a volunteer Ashley talks about ICA and our SEVA.

ICA has over 10,000 followers. together with their families, ICA forms the largest cultural organization in the region. ICA events have been attended by over 60,000 people. Festivals of the sort Howard County have not seen before - Howard County Fairgrounds called it the "Largest single day attendance." 

Our festivals promote a sense of community, sharing, diversity and help to break down barriers between people of all different backgrounds, race, religion, color, and other. Indian culture promotes the oneness of humanity, the oneness of all creation.

Glimpses of the Festival of India 2021 can be found here.


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